Open 4BBB Results - 16th July 2022

Results for Saturday's Yellow Tee *Rabbits Organised Open 4BBB are… 1st - J. Mountain and D. Wallis (Hollins Hall) 50 pts - £150 each 2nd - C Hardy and S Hardy 47 (B9-26) - £100 each 3rd - R. Field and J. Smith 47 (B9-24/B6-17) - £80 each 4th - L. Dean and S. Eyles 47 (B9-24/B6-16) - £60 each 5th - T. Reidy and P. Fairburn 46 (B9-24) - £50 each The best visiting pair (outside the prize winners) was S. Flynn and T. Hunt Jnr (Bradford Moor) who receive £50 each.

Nearest the line on 9th was Ryan Field at 9cm - £40.

Nearest the Pin on 17th was John Broadbent - £40.

0716 Open 4BBB Stableford - Yellow (16th July)
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Up next...

The next Open Event is the Crawshaw Cup (+ Blue Tee Stableford Competition). The Crawshaw Cup will be awarded to the Lowest Gross 18-Hole Score.

Prizes will be awarded to the Best 4 Gross Strokeplay and Best 4 Net Stableford scores.

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