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Ogden Festival

Updated: May 25, 2022

The final competition in the 2021 Ogden Festival, the Mixed Texas Scramble, took place on Sunday with 43 teams participating. Full results are attached and the prize winners are shown below.

1st - G. Hoggard/J. Speak/A. Marshall with 53 winning £100 each

2nd - C. Millward/C. Payne/J. Ellison with 54 winning £80 each

3rd - C. Whitehead/D. Brown/T. Brown with 55 winning £60 each

4th - L. Dean/J. Smith/C. Judson with 56 (B9-28) winning £40 each

5th - C. Lewis/J. Wilkinson/L. Parkin with 56 (B9-29) winning £20 each

The competition was followed by the Prize Presentation. It was pleasing that so many of the competition winners attended (photos of the Ogden Cup and Ladies Ogden Cup winners attached). A small, but enthusiastic audience, were then entertained by Mark Heslop.

So, that concludes the Festival for another year. Plans have already commenced for 2022 with feedback and comments from this year's events being taken on board.

Thanks to everyone who helped and participated this year. My own personal thanks to Nick for his help with competition administration, and also to our Greens staff for yet again producing a course that has received superb feedback from all of our visitors.

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